Each day, viewers from around the globe call in to Daystar for prayer. Morning, afternoon, evening, or even overnight, you can always find a heart willing to listen and pray with you—24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We believe in the power of prayer to transform families, communities, and nations. Just reach out whenever you need us and someone will be there, ready to join their faith with yours to move mountains.



It’s amazing to see what the power of the Gospel can do. Lives once devastated by fear, loneliness, and despair are transformed in an instant by the love of the Father. At Daystar, we get the great privilege of partnering with Him to share His heart for humanity. From prison cells to palaces, we are reaching the world. How do we know? Those who have found hope in Jesus Christ tell us their stories everyday. In 2016, Daystar’s prayer line reported salvations from 20 nations across the earth.


We know that when you call in for prayer you want someone on the other end of the line who understands where you’ve been and what you’re facing. That’s why Daystar’s prayer partners are made up of a wide variety of cultures, as well as many who speak languages from nations all over the world. Our team also includes people from every generation and a balanced mix of both men and women. Take a look at the numbers below and you’ll discover that no matter what your story may be, our heart is to meet you right where you are!





Many times we encounter someone on their journey with the Lord and have no idea where they’ve been. This is often the case with our Daystar prayer partners. Most people who call in may never know what road led these amazing men and women into becoming such battle-tested prayer warriors. Like you, they’ve walked through valleys and stood on peaks, each one able to share how they experienced His faithfulness every step of the way. Here are just a few of their stories.

Maurice Stephens, or “Doc,” as his friends like to call him, has lived a life full of God’s grace and supernatural guidance. From narrowly escaping death due to meningitis at age 3, to serving as a physician to a royal family in the Middle East, to later becoming an actor, he has seen and experienced more than most. That’s probably what makes this 73-year-old adventurer such a wise, compassionate Daystar prayer partner.

From a young age, Maurice’s grandmother promised that she would dedicate herself to teaching him the Bible as her way of expressing gratitude to God for healing him of meningitis. The faith built during those formative years would sustain Maurice in the difficult seasons as he worked as a doctor in a small Christian hospital in the United Arab Emirates and actively treated members of the royal family. Years later, Maurice would move to start a practice in Seattle where—in a surprise turn of events—he became involved in musical theater, eventually appearing in commercials and even feature films! But at the heart of it all was his deep, abiding connection with God and love for people. It’s that passion that ultimately led him to move to Texas in 2009 where he started working at Daystar. As a prayer partner, Maurice takes the lessons he’s learned in life and couples them with the truth of God’s Word to bring comfort to so many who call in for prayer. On most days you’ll find that the Doc is in, always happy to share his heart and listen to yours.

Maurice Stephens

Diana Gutierrez has always had a passion for ministry. She and her husband of 22 years are native Texans and have served as youth pastors, worship leaders, and even custodians in their local church. It was that strong foundation of faith that Diana would draw on when she needed it most. Diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2013, she chose to stand on her belief that Jesus would heal and restore her body. While in the hospital undergoing treatment, Diana made it her personal mission to pray for the other patients, doctors, and nurses. At one point, she even told her doctor that God would cause her tumor to completely disappear after the first round of chemo. Diana’s doctor politely laughed it off, but couldn’t argue with the test results that later revealed exactly what she had said would happen. The tumor was gone.

Diana’s treatment continued in spite of this great victory. She went on to have a bilateral mastectomy, multiple follow-up surgeries, as well as six more rounds of chemotherapy. It was over the course of her recovery that she discovered Daystar. Nauseous and weak from treatment, Diana would sit and watch Daystar for hours. Not only did her body heal, but her heart was strengthened and she was filled with hope for the future. When the opportunity to work in Daystar’s prayer department became available, Diana couldn’t imagine a better fit. Now, she would have the chance to serve and bless the ministry that had been such a source of encouragement during the most difficult season of her life. Drawing from her own experience, Diana often prays for those battling cancer. But she, more than most, understands the fight. Armed with the Word of God, she enters in to prayer with all those who call in, targeting the enemy’s lies to bring the same hope, peace, and love she found through Daystar.

Diana Gutierrez

As a young man, Thimothy Mamidi’s home in India was filled with strife. His mother left his father when he was still a child, and a short time later his dad remarried. But this was only the beginning of greater challenges for Thimothy as his father and stepmother fought bitterly over the course of their marriage. When his father died, she forced him to leave home and he started a new life on the streets. His grandmother later found him after a few weeks, but the bitterness in his heart had only grown as a result of the challenges he had faced.

Four years would pass before Thimothy learned that his mother and older brother were looking for him. He reconnected with them and began attending a local church where he surrendered his heart and the hurt he had held for so long to Jesus. God began to open new doors for education and ministry, eventually leading him to come to America to attend Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas. After two years of intensely seeking the Lord and allowing Him to heal his pain, an opportunity to work in Daystar’s prayer department opened up. Excited to serve God and help others find peace, Thimothy accepted the position. Today, he faithfully prays for all those who call in needing encouragement and strength for the journey.

Thimothy Mamidi





Hope for the Hurting

Several months ago, I was facing a huge financial crisis. The threat of eviction became more and more real as the days passed, causing me extreme stress and anxiety about the future. I had been praying over my situation and felt led to reach out to Daystar’s prayer team for support. The sadness inside almost immediately lifted as I began to talk with the prayer partner about my circumstances. We prayed together, and although nothing happened right away, I knew something was different. I had hope again, which was a feeling I hadn’t experienced in quite a long time. About a week later, I opened my bank account to find that the IRS had made a $3,000 deposit as a result of some miscalculations on their end. I can’t fully describe how seeing that made me feel, except to say that I was overcome with gratitude and relief. I am so thankful for how God used that prayer partner to remind me that He hadn’t forgotten about me. Thank you, Daystar, for lifting my spirit when I didn’t have the strength to do it on my own.

> Beverly | from New York, NY <