From politics to race relations to social issues, 2016 was a year that made the world pay attention. Marcus and Joni took no back seats when addressing issues on race, abortion, homosexuality, politics and the church’s role in it all. It was a privilege to be a part of addressing these topics and more on “Marcus & Joni.” We used our influence and platform to respond to topics and events that shook our nation and awakened the church. I pray our viewers were encouraged to see godly leaders be vocal, biblically sound, and honest in a time when it was needed most.

> Kandis Davis <



Continuing the Lakewood Legacy

Featuring members of the Osteen family, including Senior Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen, this special program highlights the growth and development of Lakewood Church. From small beginnings at a feed store to an auditorium seating more than 16,000, John Osteen’s powerful legacy of faith lives on in the ministry of America’s largest church.

Responding to the Call

In the deadly aftermath of the Dallas police shootings on July 7, 2016, the Daystar family came together with special guests T.D. Jakes, Rickie Rush, James Robison, Robert Morris, and Dr. Jack Graham to discuss how to heal the racial tensions facing America today.

Blissfully Brown PT 1
Building a Love That Lasts

From the proposal to the reception, we brought you highlights from the wedding of Daystar’s own Rachel Lamb to Aussie Planetshaker, Joshua Brown. Special guest and marriage expert, Jimmy Evans also joined the newlyweds to share the keys to building a strong foundation for lasting love.

Blissfully Brown PT 2
Building a Love That Lasts

In part two of our wedding special, we featured the full ceremony, as well as an inside look at all of the details. From the choosing the perfect dress to the bride and groom’s first community outreach as husband and wife, we shared all the behind-the-scenes fun celebrating Rachel and Joshua as they became Blissfully Brown.

Moore Than Enough

Best-selling author and speaker, Beth Moore, revealed how God stepped in to bring healing, restoration, and purpose to the pain she endured during her childhood when she was sexually molested. Today, her courage and strength are being used to inspire women all over the world to never settle for less than God’s best for their lives.

Introducing The Browns

The newest edition to our Daystar family, Glenda and Joshua Brown, joined Marcus and Joni to share their story, as well as their excitement about Rachel and Joshua’s wedding. Hear their passion for the Gospel, and their heart to encourage every believer to develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.


She Said Yes…Again!

As a special surprise for Joni, Marcus reenacted his 1982 Valentine’s Day proposal in a set built to look like the Chinese restaurant where she said yes!
Unscripted Worship with Phil Driscoll

In a spontaneous move inspired by God, Grammy award-winning artist, Phil Driscoll, joined the Daystar singers and band to worship the Lord.
Healing the Great Divide

In a bold message entitled “The State of Our Union,” Pastor Loran Livingston addresses the church’s role in racial reconciliation and how the body of Christ should respond to heal America’s great divide.


One of our favorite things to do at Daystar is partner with other ministries to advance God’s Kingdom. After all, we can’t do it alone, which is why we’re so excited when we have the opportunity to issue “Matching Challenges” live on air. Dollar-for-dollar, Daystar matches what our viewers pledge, allowing us to double our efforts as we financially support reputable organizations who are actively sharing God’s love in practical ways. United, we are more as we stand together to shine the Light of the Gospel to a world in desperate need.











Healing Racial Hatred

I’m a 44-year-old African American man and I’ve experienced so much hatred solely based on the color of my skin. To be honest, it’s broken me. Over the years, I began to wonder if God cared, or if He was even real. But one day while I was flipping through the channels, I found “Marcus & Joni.” It was then that I heard Joni say something that has forever changed my life. For the first time ever, a white woman looked at me and said that in Christ, she was my sister. Joni went on to say that God loved me and wanted to heal the pain of my past. I remember thinking, “how can this be?” But somewhere deep inside, I knew it was true. All the hurt, frustration, and anger I felt began to melt away in that moment and I experienced peace. Today, I’m different. I’m new. I can say without hesitation that God used Daystar and Joni to do a work in me that I could’ve never done on my own. Thank you, sister.

> Antonio | from Omaha, Nebraska <


I’ve always counted it such a privilege to be able to share people’s stories or the insight they’ve learned with our international audiences. I think that’s what I love most about “Joni Table Talk.” It’s just a fun, powerful time where I get together with my friends to talk about things that matter. I receive countless emails telling me how this topic or that topic touched someone’s life, and that’s what makes the time so special.

At the heart of the program is a passion to shine the light of Jesus into people’s lives and bring hope! We start every show with prayer before we ever roll cameras because we want the Holy Spirit to direct our discussion. I can’t even tell you how many times a viewer has contacted us to say that a guest on the show was speaking directly to them. It just goes to show you how personally involved God wants to be in our lives. He knows right where you are and exactly how to reach you. It’s the overwhelming truth of who God is and how He loves. I never get tired of sharing that with the world through “Joni Table Talk.”

> Joni Lamb <



Lisa Bevere – Without Rival

Lisa Bevere joins us to have a timely conversation about transgender identity and how the church can walk in truth and love regarding this sensitive topic.

Marilyn Hickey – Signs in the Heavens

Do zodiac signs have a spiritual meaning? Marilyn Hickey reveals the biblical significance within the 12 constellations.

John Ramirez – Unmasking the Devil

John Ramirez exposes the truth about the occult and how God’s love rescued him from a life of darkness.

Jen Bricker – Everything is Possible

Jen Bricker, a woman born without legs, tells her story of adoption, athletic victory, and meeting her famous biological sister.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn – The Harbinger Man

From obscurity to overnight success, best-selling author Jonathan Cahn gives a revealing inside look into his life in the new documentary, The Harbinger Man.

Nicole C. Mullen – Defeating Domestic Violence

Join together with women from around the world as Joni and the ladies of the table expose the reality of domestic violence with special guest Nicole C. Mullen at Gateway Church’s annual Pink Impact conference.

Landon Schott – Jezebel: The Witch is Back

She isn’t just a Bible character. According to Landon Schott’s groundbreaking book, Jezebel is a crippling and conniving spirit that the Church must learn to recognize, rise up, and confront.

Julia Immonen – Row for Freedom

What does it take to make a difference? Julia Immomen shares how she used the power of sport to raise awareness about the fastest growing crime in our world.

Jimmy Evans – The Bloodline Blessing

Do you battle with fear of family curses? Jimmy Evans reveals how to overcome and receive The Bloodline Blessing.


Filmmakers, Del Bigtree, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and Polly Tommey join the table to discuss their controversial documentary about the link between early childhood vaccinations and Autism.


Freda Lindsay

Each year, Christ For The Nations honors its late co-founder Freda Lindsay by presenting an award to a woman who exemplifies what it means to be a person of great faith and character. In 2016, that award went to Daystar’s own Joni Lamb! As co-founder of Daystar, Joni’s passion to see lives transformed is making a global impact. We are so proud of how she loves without limits and models what it means to live a life of total surrender to Jesus.

I Am

In 2016, Pastor Nicole Crank of Faith Church welcomed Joni to speak at her annual “I Am Woman Conference” in West Palm Beach. Always full of imagination and excitement, this event provided the perfect opportunity for Joni to share her heart for women. She inspired and encouraged them to embrace God’s plan for their lives and allow Him create a clean heart that would open doors to greater faith for the journey ahead.


What makes Joni Table Talk unique is its platform for bringing people together from the Body of Christ to talk about the tough issues we face today. Around the table, you’ll hear stories of life-changing moments in people’s lives, truth from God’s Word and insight into growing and building your spirit life. It’s more than just engaging programming. It’s about connecting you to the heart of God. We pray over what guests and topics to bring the table, and strive to be God-focused in our conversations to lead every viewer into a deeper relationship with Him.

> Rose Howard <

Traveling Light

When you’ve faced unspeakable heartache it can be hard to find hope for the future. I’ve been through so many dark seasons in my life that I’d almost lost faith in God and His love for me. Then, I met Joni. In what seemed like a random coincidence at the time, I found myself watching a “Joni Table Talk” featuring a story that was much like my own. The difference was that this person had surrendered their pain to Jesus and He had healed them. So, day-after-day, I continued to watch the program and began to see a similar thread through every journey. Sure, they all began with baggage. But by the end they had laid it down in exchange for something–or more accurately–Someone greater. This was no coincidence. I have been impacted by this program more than I can describe. It’s truly become the highlight of my day as I look forward to hearing what God has done in the lives of His children. It’s been the best medicine, curing the hurt I’ve held for so long. The stories shared by these men and women have made me fall deeper in love with Jesus and I, too, have traded my pain for something lighter, easier to travel with as I make my way through life. Hope is no longer elusive, and the future doesn’t sound so bad either. Thank you, Joni, for reminding me that God does care, and He knows exactly how to heal what hurts.

> Shola | from London, England <


I’ve known since I was 15 years old that the Lord would use me to reach the world with the Gospel. When I think about the moment I received that call on my life, I can still remember the joy in hearing God’s voice and wholeheartedly saying yes. Today, that passion to pursue my purpose is as strong as ever. Each time I step up to preach for my program, “Marcus Lamb: Empowered By The Spirit,” I’m reminded of that young man again and I’m filled with excitement about how God will move in the next few moments. Making the decision to go wherever the Lord leads now takes me all over the world to declare His transforming power. What I’ve learned along the way is that He will stop at nothing to reach us all with His love. I’m overwhelmed by the privilege to share that with audiences everywhere, and millions more through Daystar. The Creator of Heaven and earth wants a personal relationship with each of us, and I never get tired of reflecting on that truth. Through every season, it is what sustains me, drives me, and reminds me of why I’m here. And all at once, I’m 15 again, and I hear myself quietly whisper, “Yes, Lord.”

> Marcus Lamb <




Known as “The Walking Bible,” Marcus Lamb preaches the Word of God with a passion that connects to audiences all over the world. As the producer for “Marcus Lamb: Empowered by the Spirit,” I have the privilege of witnessing firsthand how the Lord moves each time Mr. Lamb steps up to minister. Watching so many of his sermons, I have seen how through every message that is preached, every scripture that is quoted, and every altar call that is given, lives are changed. I am moved each and every time a congregation responds to the Gospel, and my prayer is that the same move of God happening on your television screen will also happen in your life as you watch “Marcus Lamb: Empowered by the Spirit.”

> Andrew Harley <

Right On Time

I had been going through some difficult things when I walked in to Lakewood that night to hear Marcus Lamb preach. Weighed down by the issues I was facing, I needed a clear word from the Lord that He was still at work in my life. And through Marcus, He gave it to me. The message he shared was exactly what I needed to hear. I may have come in burdened and depressed, but I left filled with joy and hope. My circumstances may not have changed in those moments, but the way that I saw them was completely different. Thank you, Marcus! The Lord spoke through you in a powerful way that night, and I’m better for it today. God bless you and all that He’s using you to accomplish through Daystar.

> Greg | from Houston, TX <


The power of the Gospel transforms lives. Whether it’s releasing the captive, healing the broken, or raising the dead, the message of Jesus forces change. It makes all things new, and brings forth beauty from ashes. That’s what makes “Heart for the World” so extraordinary. It presents a direct opportunity for anyone who is willing to partner with God to impact communities and nations across the earth with His love. It’s the best investment you can make when you consider that the rewards are eternal. I can’t think of a better way to spend your time or money.

> Jennifer Wood <





Faith comes alive in this CD/DVD collection of classic hymns, as well as a short musical film, inspired by the Spirit of big tent revivals. Featuring special guests John Hagee, Nancy Harmon, Jentezen Franklin, and many others, these songs will take you back to a deeper, more intimate experience with God.


Get a fresh perspective on the invisible world all around you in this Daystar Film original production. Featuring leading voices in ministry, this documentary will provide deeper insight into supernatural experiences through personal stories of healings, miracles, angels, demons, heaven, hell, and more.


Living in peace begins when we surrender our hearts to Jesus and start applying biblical principles that quiet the chaos of our everyday lives. In this inspired teaching, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn shares truth that will transform your thinking and help you thrive, even when the odds seem stacked against you.


Experience the beauty and mystery of the Holy Land in this custom designed coffee table book. Journey through Biblical history with breathtaking imagery while meditating on the inspired promises of God found in each page.

A Miracle Made Possible

It’s hard to watch someone you love suffer. My wife’s failing kidney was a daily reality we faced together for years, both knowing it would require a miracle to save her life since the doctors refused to put her on the transplant list. Praise God! We got one. I was watching “Heart for the World” on Daystar a few months ago, and the speaker asked if I wanted to see a dramatic turnaround in my life. Of course, my answer was “Yes!” He then invited people to give and support the work of reaching the world with the Gospel. I’ve always believed in the power of Christian TV, so this resonated deeply in my spirit. With my heart full, and my hand shaking, I picked up the phone and pledged. Two months later, we received a call that my wife was put on the transplant list! Another week went by, and the new kidney we’d been believing for was ready! Today, she is healthy and whole. Thank you, Daystar, for providing an opportunity to give in a way that’s transformed our lives forever.

> Jason | from Fort Lauderdale, FL <


It is such an awesome adventure working behind the scenes on “The Green Room.” As producers, we strive to make every segment memorable. Through much research and preparation, we are able to see Jonathan and Suzy thrive in their element! Whether we are digging into a book, playing golf, or just getting to know a guest, it’s always encouraging. We are constantly looking for new games and interview ideas to implement, so we have a saying, “Anything can happen in The Green Room!” Thank you for allowing us to come into your homes each week.

> Sasha Gordon <


I am blessed to be able to host “The Green Room!” It’s always a joy to be able to gain fresh wisdom and insight from different pastors, church leaders and visionaries from all around the world. Suzy and I also enjoy getting to break down traditional “barriers” that may exist in these high-profile church leaders by doing something a little bit out of their comfort zone, like a 60-second sermon on a random object, a game of “Head’s Up,” or maybe even a heated competition in “Win, Lose or Draw!” I hope you continue to tune into “The Green Room” as we interview and have fun with new guests on a weekly basis!

> Jonathan Lamb <
“The Green Room” is the show that makes you kick back, unwind, laugh and get to hear some personal and inside stories of interesting people who live passionately for Christ. You might giggle, you might cry tears of gratitude and joy, or you could just soak in the deep wisdom that these preachers and teachers share in each interview! Everyone has a story and we love to hear it on “The Green Room!” We hope you enjoy listening to these amazing stories and testimonies as well as playing fun spontaneous games along the way.

> Suzy Lamb <

Creating Connections That Last

I’ve never been drawn to Christian television. I realize that might seem strange since I invited Jesus into my heart years ago, but I just haven’t felt a connection with anything I’ve seen until recently. I was searching through the channels when something caught my attention on Daystar. It was a young couple hosting a program called “The Green Room.” They laughed, played games, and talked with guests in a way that really spoke to my heart. It was normal, relatable, and I immediately liked it. It’s now been months since I watched my first episode, and I look forward to it every week. Thank you, Jonathan and Suzy, for representing Jesus so well. I’m extremely grateful to you and Daystar for creating a program like this for people like me.

> Fran | from Fresno, CA <


Wow!!! It’s hard to believe that this is my 5th year of hosting “Gospel Music Showcase” for the Daystar TV Network. It really is true to say that “time flies when you’re having fun.” Thanks to the show’s producer, Troy Hill, and to the team that works so hard to put this program together. And, of course, I want to thank Marcus and Joni for their dedication to broadcasting all of the creative content that lifts up Jesus in this world.

That said, I really believe we have a great opportunity at this particular time in history to “sing in and sing down” the power and blessings of God into this great country and around the world. I believe God is calling His people to really step up and believe Him for more in 2017. That’s because He wants to pour out His blessing and favor on His people so that they can meet the needs of those all around them. The Church is going to retake its place as the house of prayer, bread, provision, and encouragement to the hurting and needy. And as happened so often in the Old Testament, He’s sending the singers and musicians out to sound the alarm. So, my prayer for you this year is that God would use this show to prompt you to action for Him. I pray He fills you with fresh vision, dreams, purpose, and boldness that would allow you to share Jesus with the world around you. Blessings, and thanks for watching!







After 5 years of producing “Gospel Music Showcase,” I can certainly say that I feel as if I have the greatest job in the world. The artists and management in the Southern Gospel industry are some of the warmest and most caring people I’ve been blessed to know. Their love for Christ is unparalleled, and it is an honor to work and record with these fine folks. 2016 was not just “more of the same,” as each year is another step we all take closer to God. And by helping to spread the Gospel through this show, I’d like to believe that we’ve all been good and faithful servants for Him.

> Troy Hill <

Peace for the Pain

After 56 years of marriage, including four years of caring for my darling wife during her battle with Alzheimer’s disease, she suffered a massive stroke and went to be with the Lord. I can’t put into words the grief I felt, or the loneliness that came from knowing that I’ll never see her face again this side of eternity. It was gut-wrenching. But as I sat on my bed this morning, I saw Guy Penrod on “Gospel Music Showcase” hosting The Talleys. They sang their song, “Hidden Heroes,” and it was such a great comfort to me. The pain of this loss may have consumed my heart, but in a matter of moments, the Holy Spirit used this program and that song to bring healing when I needed it most. I still miss my wife. I can’t imagine that will ever change. But I now have a different perspective on her passing, and look forward to the day when we will meet again in Heaven. Thank you, Daystar, for being there to bring peace to my pain.

> Wayne | from New Haven, CT <