Dear Friends,

I stand in awe and wonder when I think about all that God has used Daystar to accomplish over the past year. I know many of you can relate to that feeling of amazement when you see what the Lord has done through one simple act of obedience.

Saying yes to His call to build a television network so many years ago has forever changed my life and the lives of countless people all over the world. It’s a dream birthed straight from the heart of a Father who desperately wants to see us all become sons and daughters, empowered to advance His Kingdom across the earth.

With 7-billion people alive today, we are more focused than ever on continuing our mission of reaching them all with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A number that high might’ve concerned me in the past, but I’m confident that the best is yet to come.

Together with you, we have seen a move of God’s Spirit that is shaking nations and transforming the world. Thanks to your faithful commitment, we are bringing hope to those in despair, healing to the hurting, and love to the many who so critically need it.


Looking Back at 2016:

  • Daystar added 698,935 homes in the United States and 2,113,385 homes internationally. This means that nearly 3 million more people around the world now have access to the transforming power of the Gospel.
  • Of those new homes, over 70% speak English. This is the primary language of our programming, meaning an even greater opportunity to touch lives with the love of Jesus!
  • Celebrating yet another spiritual breakthrough, Daystar launched in Pakistan on British Cable, Mediacom, World Call, and Delta Cable to more than 2 million homes! This major milestone represents an unprecedented opportunity to reach a population that is over 95% Muslim.
  • Continuing our high-definition expansion, Daystar added 2,117,207 new HD homes in the U.S., including 1.8 million on Spectrum Cable.
  • Committed to bringing quality programming to audiences across the globe, Daystar became the first Christian TV network to launch an HD channel on the Sky platform reaching all of the United Kingdom.
  • In total, Daystar’s high-definition coverage increased by 8.2 million homes in 2016.
  • Last year, 4,305,355 people visited Daystar.com resulting in a 14.17% increase in live streaming, which represents 1,902,619 hours viewed online!
  • We also saw incredible growth in the Daystar App, with a 42.85% increase in downloads and an 18.33% increase in daily usage.
  • Our Roku Channel experienced double-digit growth as well with a 44.01% increase in channel installations and a 14.11% increase in weekly viewers.
  • Prayer remained central to our ministry at Daystar with Prayer Partners praying 593,233 times in 2016 and documenting salvations in 20 different nations around the globe.
  • Daystar’s production team continued striving for excellence shooting 5,886 hours of original footage and producing 327 original programs last year.
  • We also broadcast 45 live and special events, giving our viewers even greater access to life-changing ministries from around the world!
  • Donations in 2016 reached across the earth, spanning 114 countries, including 15 countries that gave for the first time.
  • In 2016, Daystar also experienced triple-digit growth in donations from 18 countries, including Nicaragua which increased by a staggering 11,900%!
  • We saw a 27.52% increase in auto-giving with 34.09% more money given through this option than the previous year, resulting in an overall 10.27% increase in donations.
  • Matching Challenges and donations made through Daystar’s flagship program, Marcus & Joni, resulted in more than one million dollars given to organizations and individuals in desperate need.
  • In total, Daystar was able to give $13.9 million to missions worldwide, an increase of 6.18% over 2015.


As I reflect on where we’ve been, I couldn’t imagine a better, more inspiring story than what we have experienced together by the grace of God, for His glory. Now, let’s stretch our faith, believe the Lord for more, and expectantly wait for what dreams may come. What will God use us to accomplish in 2017? I’m not entirely sure.

But of one thing I am very certain. Surrendering it all to Him, fully trusting that He who began a good work in us will complete it; I know we will not fail. Thank you for your commitment to take this journey of faith with me. It is truly the road less traveled, but the rewards of souls restored are sweet. My hope is that you would experience that in every area of your life as we stand united, with one heart, in this effort to see His Kingdom come.

Yours for Christian Television,

Marcus Lamb